• Professor
  • Dept Deputy Head - Research & Enterprises

Research Interest

  • Nanobiophotonics & Nanomedicine
  • Biomaterials
  • Biomedical Microdevices


  1. Upconversion Fluorescent Nano-Structure Material and Uses Thereof, US Patent Application No.: 12/445,904, filed on 17/10/2007, US Grant No.: 8,093,566, issued on 10/01/2012.
  2. Method of Patterning and Product(s) Obtained Therefrom, PCT/SG2007/000116, filed on 24/04/2007
  3. Novel Method for Microbead Patterning and Application Thereof, US provisional patent, 60/795,811, filed on 25/04/2006
  4. A New Microfluidic Device for Multiplexed Bead Based Detection, US provisional patent, 60/800,860, filed on 17/05/2006
  5. Monodisperse Infrared-to-Visible Upconversion Nanoparticle Phoshors, US provisional patent, 60/829,768, filed on 17/10/2006
  6. Novel 3-D Pyramidal Porous-Membrane and its Applications Thereof, US provisional patent (PCT application is being filed), 61/491,395, filed on 31/05/2011

Editorial Board Memberships

  1. Microchimica Acta
  2. Recent Patents on Biomedical Engineering
  3. The Open Nanomedicine Journal
  4. International Journal of Biomedical Engineering and Consumer Health Informatics
  5. Central European Journal of Engineering
  6. Journal of Nanoscience Letters (Associate Editor)
  7. ISRN Nanotechnology
  8. Nanomed
  9. Journal of Biochips & Tissue Chips
  10. Current Science Perspectives

Awards or Honours

  1. Highly Cited Researcher (Clarivate Analytics)
  2. Royal Society of Chemistry Fellowship
  3. NUS Provost Chair Professorship
  4. NML Researcher Award
  5. NUS Young Investigator Award

Book Chapters

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Selected Journal Publications

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