Dieter TRAU (PhD, HKUST)




Ph.D. in Chemistry, 2001
Department of Chemistry, HKUST in Hong Kong in collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces in Berlin, Germany.

Master (Dipl. Ing. FH) in Chemical Engineering/Biotechnology, 1994
Aachen University of Applied Science, AachenJÃlich, Germany.


Appointment Status


Associate Professor




Department of Biomedical Engineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering




Phone: (65) 65168052 (GMT +8 hours)
Fax: (65) 68723069


Laboratory Homepage:


Research Interests

Bioanalytical Chemistry, Microarrays, Biosensors



Serial entrepreneur since 2004. At NUS, developed an idea into a full scale startup company AYOXXA ( which now employs 25 people and closed its Series A and B venture funding round over a total of 20 million S$. AYOXXA won several prices and operates research offices in Singapore and Germany. Previous to NUS cofounded the biotechnology companies’ biognostic AG ( in Berlin, XanTec ( in Münster, Germany. 



Inventor of 13 patent families resulting in more than 70 patent applications of which 20 are granted and commercialized by different companies. He is also a co-inventor of Capsulution AG’s (Berlin, Germany) nano-and microencapsulation technology and drug delivery platform and for Supernova Ltd’s (Hong Kong) biolabeling technology. Dr Trau has extensive knowledge and experience in IP management including IP search, patent drafting, patent strategy, novelty and inventive step issues and patent licensing and commercialization.




BN3402 Bio-Analytical Methods in Bioengineering
CN5193 Instrumental Methods of Analysis
BN3501 Enzyme Kinetics
BN4404 BioMEMS


Selected Publications


  1. Kantak C., Beyer S., Bansal T*, Trau D.*, Utilizing microfluidics to synthesize polyethylene glycol microbeads for Förster resonance energy transfer based glucose sensing,  Biomicrofluidics, 2012
                 Article featured in AIP "American Institute of Physics News Room"

  2. Bai J., Beyer S., Toh S.Y., Trau D.*, Self-Assembly of Polyamines as a Facile Approach to Fabricate Permeability Tunable Polymeric Shells for Biomolecular Encapsulation, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 3 (5), 1665–1674, 2011 (Impact factor not assigned)

  3. Kantak C., Beyer S., Yobas L., Bansal T., Trau D.*, A ‘microfluidic pinball’ for on-chip generation of Layer-by-Layer polyelectrolyte microcapsules, Lab-on-a-Chip, 11, 1030-1035, 2011 (Impact factor 6.5)
                Article featured in RSC Chemistry World
                See videos here

  4. Lin L., Beyer S., Wohland T., Trau D.*, Lubrich D.*, Surface-Bound Micro-Enclosures for Biomolecules, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed., 49(50) 9773-9776, 2010  (Impact factor 11.8)

  5. German Edition: Lin L., Beyer S., Wohland T., Trau D.*, Lubrich D.*, Oberflächengebundene Mikrobehälter zum Einschluss und zur Untersuchung von Biomolekülen, Angewandte Chemie German Ed., 122(50) 9967, 2010

  6. Bai J, Beyer S, Mak W.C, Rajagopalan R., Trau D.* Inwards build up of concentric polymer layers: A Method for Biomolecule Encapsulation and Microcapsule Encoding, Angewandte Chemie Int. Ed. 49, 5189-5193, 2010 (Impact factor 11.8)

  7. German Edition: Bai J, Beyer S, Mak W.C, Rajagopalan R., Trau D.* Nach innen gerichteter Aufbau konzentrischer Polymerschichten: eine Methode zur Verkapselung von Biomolekülen mit simultaner Kodierung, Angewandte Chemie, 122, 5316-5320, 2010 (Impact factor 10)

  8. Bai J.,  Beyer S., Mak W. C., Trau D.*; Fabrication of Inflated LbL Microcapsules with a “Bead-in-a-Capsule” Morphology by Osmotic Pressure Driven Inflation of Capsular Wall, Soft Matter, (5) 4152-4160, 2009 (Impact factor 4.6)

  9. Mak W. C.*; Bai J., Chang  X.Y., Trau D.*, Matrix Assisted Colloidosome Reverse-Phase Layer-by-Layer - Encapsulating Biomolecules in Hydrogel Microcapsules with Extremely High Efficiency and Retention Stability, Langmuir, 25 (2), 769-775, 2009 (Impact factor 4.1)

  10. Zhang L., Tan Cherng-Wen, Roy P., Trau D.*, In-situ Measurement of Cellular Microenvironments in a Microfluidic Device, Lab-on-a-Chip, 9(2), 257-262, 2009, (Impact factor 6.5)

  11. Mak W.C., Cheung K.Y., Trau D.*, Diffusion Controlled and Temperature Stable Microcapsule Reaction Compartments for High Throughput Microcapsule-PCR, Advanced Functional Materials, 18(19), 2930 - 2937, 2008, (Impact factor 7.5)

  12. Mak W.C., Cheung K.Y., Trau D.*, The Influence of Different Polyelectrolytes on Layer-by-Layer Microcapsules Properties Encapsulation Efficiency, Colloidal and Temperature Stability, Chemistry of Materials, 20(17), 5475–5484, 2008 (Impact factor 5.4)

  13. Jiang J., Li X., Mak W.C., Trau D*,Integrated Direct DNA/Protein Patterning and Microfabrication by Focused Ion Beam Milling, Advanced Materials, 20(9), 1636-1643, 2008 (Impact factor 8.4)

  14. Beyer S., Mak W.C., Trau D.*, Reverse-Phase LbL-Encapsulation of Highly Water Soluble Materials by Layer-by-Layer Polyelectrolyte Self-Assembly, Langmuir, 23(17), 8827-8832, 2007 (Impact factor 4.1)

  15. Trau D.*, Jiang J., Sucher J.N., Preservation of the Biofunctionality of DNA and Protein during Microfabrication, Langmuir, 22(3), 877-881, 2006 (Impact factor 4.1)

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  19. Trau D.*, Renneberg R., Encapsulation of glucose oxidase microparticles within a nanoscale layer-by-layer film: immobilization and biosensor applications, Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 18(12), 1491-1499, 2003 (Impact factor 5.1)

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