Shao Huilin




Ph.D in Biophysics
Harvard University, USA, 2013

PhD in Medical Engineering and Medical Physics
Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology (HST), USA, 2013

BA in Biological Sciences
BA in Physics
Cornell University, USA, 2007


Appointment Status


Assistant Professor




Department of Biomedical Engineering






Lab website: Laboratory for Multiscale Molecular Diagnostics

Office: E4-04-21

Tel: 6601 5885


Research Interest

  1. Circulating biomarkers (e.g., exosomes, extracellular vesicles) for noninvasive diagnostics and therapeutics
  2. Novel assay development for point-of-care medical applications
  3. Synthesis, characterization and biomedical applications of organic and inorganic nanomaterials
  4. Integration of microfluidic systems for molecular analyses
  5. Development and implementation of highly sensitive miniaturized magnetic, optical and electrical sensors

We are seeking highly motivated and talented research fellows and students. Please contact Dr. Shao ( if you are interested in joining our team.


Selected Awards and Honors

  1. Independent Fellowship, Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology, A*STAR, 2014
  2. Travel Award, IEEE EMBS Micro and Nanotechnology in Medicine, 2012
  3. Graduate Student Award, Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence, MIT, 2011
  4. James Mills Peirce Award, Harvard University, 2008
  5. National Science Scholarship (PhD), A*STAR, 2008
  6. Hartman Prize in Experimental Physics, Cornell University, 2007
  7. Hughes Scholar in Biological Sciences, Cornell University, 2006
  8. National Science Scholarship (BS), A*STAR, 2004

Recent Invited Talks

  1. National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), Singapore, 2016
  2. National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS), Singapore, 2015
  3. Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB), Singapore, 2014
  4. Massachusetts General Hospital, Center for Systems Biology, Boston, MA, USA, 2013
  5. Harvard Medical School, Microvesicle and Exosome Seminar Series, Boston, MA, USA, 2012
  6. MIT Center of Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence (CCNE) Seminar, Boston, MA, USA, 2012

Selected Publications

  1. Shao H.*, Chung J.*, Lee K., Balaj L., Min C., Carter B. S., Hochberg F. H., Breakefield X. O., Lee H., Weissleder R. Chip-based analysis of exosomal mRNA mediating drug resistance in glioblastoma. Nature Communications 6, 6999 (2015).
  2. Im H.*, Shao H.*, Park Y., Peterson V. M., Castro C. M., Weissleder R., Lee H. Label-free detection and molecular profiling of exosomes with a nano-plasmonic sensor. Nature Biotechnology 32, 490-495 (2014).
  3. Shao H., Chung J., Balaj L., Charest A., Bigner D. D., Carter B. S., Hochberg F. H., Breakefield X. O., Weissleder R., Lee H. Protein typing of circulating microvesicles allows real-time monitoring of glioblastoma therapy. Nature Medicine 18, 1835-1840 (2012).
  4. Shao H., Chung J., Issadore D. Diagnostic technologies for circulating tumor cells and exosomes. Bioscience Reports 36, e00292 (2016).
  5. Im H.*, Castro C. M.*, Shao H., Liong M., Song J., Pathania D., Fexon L., Min C., Avila-Wallace M., Zurkiya O., Rho J., Magaoay B., Tambouret R. H., Pivovarov M., Weissleder R., Lee H. Digital diffraction analysis enables low-cost molecular diagnostics on a smartphone. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 122, 5613-5618 (2015).
  6. Lee K., Shao H., Weissleder R., Lee H. Acoustic purification of extracellular microvesicles. ACS Nano 9, 2321-2327 (2015).
  7. Chung J.*, Shao H.*, Reiner T., Issadore D., Weissleder R., Lee H. Cell sorting: microfluidic cell sorter (μFCS) for on-chip capture and analysis of single cells. Advanced Healthcare Materials 1, 432-436 (2012). Cover.
  8. Issadore D., Chung J.*, Shao H.*, Liong M., Ghazani A. A., Castro C. M., Weissleder R., Lee H. Ultrasensitive clinical enumeration of rare cells ex vivo using a micro-hall detector. Science Translational Medicine 4, 141ra92 (2012). Cover.
  9. Shao H., Min C., Issadore D., Liong M., Yoon T. J., Weissleder R., Lee H. Magnetic nanoparticles and microNMR for diagnostic applications. Theranostics 2, 55-65 (2012).
  10. Shao H., Yoon T. J., Liong M., Weissleder R., Lee H. Magnetic nanoparticles for biomedical NMR-based diagnostics. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 1, 142-154 (2010).