Toh Yi-Chin




2002-2008    Ph.D, NUS Graduate School of Integrative Sciences and Engineering, NUS

1997-2001    B.Eng (Hon), Chemical Engineering, NUS


Appointment Status


Assistant Professor




Department of Biomedical Engineering





Tel Office: +(65) 65161486

Fax:            +(65) 6872 3069


Lab website: Micro-Tissue Engineering Lab (µTE lab)


Research Interests

Experimental Mechanics, Biomechanics, Functional Tissue Engineering

Research Projects

1. Application of microfluidics and bio-MEMs to impose spatio-temporal control over human embryonic stem cell fate specification during normal and pathogenic embryonic tissue patterning

2. Organs-on-a-chip for drug testing applications




1. BN4301 Principles of Tissue Engineering



Awards and Honours


National University of Singapore Research Scholarship
A*STAR Graduate Scholarship
A*STAR International Fellowship.


Selected Publications

1. C.G. Anene-Nzelu, K.Y. Peh, A. Fraiszudeen, Y.H. Han, S. H. Ng, H. Yu, Y.C. Toh, H.L. Leo, A scalable method for aligning 3D micro-tissues in microfluidic chips, 2013, Lab on a Chip, 13 (20), 4124 - 4133
2. C.G. Anene-Nzelu, D. Choudhury, H. Li, A. Fraiszudeen, K.Y. Peh, Y.C. Toh, S. H. Ng, H. L. Leo, H. Yu, Scalable cell alignment on optical media substrates, 2013, Biomaterials, 34(21): 5078-5087
3. Y. Wang, Y.C. Toh, Q.S. Li, B.X. Zheng, B. Nugraha, T.B. Lu, Y. Gao, H. Yu, Mechanical compaction directly modulates the dynamics of bile canaliculi formation, 2013, Integrative Biology, 5 (2): 390 - 401
 Featured in Global Medical Discovery (ISSN 1929-8536), Jan 2013
4. Y.C. Toh, K Blagovic, H. Yu, J. Voldman, Spatially organized in vitro models instruct asymmetric stem cell differentiation, 2011, Integrative Biology, 3: 1179-1187
5. Y.C Toh, J. Voldman, Fluid shear stress primes mouse embryonic stem cells for differentiation in a self-renewing environment via heparan sulfate proteoglycans transduction, FASEB Journal, 2011, 25: 1208-1217
. Y.C. Toh, K. Blagovic, J. Voldman, Advancing Stem Cell Research with microtechnologies: opportunities and challenges, Integrative Biology, 2010, 2: 305-325
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