Leo Hwa Liang




PhD. (Bioengineering) Georgia Institute of Technology, 2005

M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) Georgia Institute of Technology, 2001

M.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) Nanyang Technological University, 2000

B.Eng. (Mechanical Engineering) Leeds University, 1996


Appointment Status


Associate Professor




Department of Biomedical Engineering




Office: E2-02-20
Lab: E3-05-18

Phone: +65-6516-5608

Fax: +65-6872-3069


Research Interests

1. Computational and experimental biofluid mechanics

2. Heart valve engineering

3. Artificial liver device

4. In vitro drug screening platform

Selected Publications

1. L. Xia, S. Ng, R. B. Han, X. Y. Tuo, G. F. Xiao, H. L. Leo*, T. M. Cheng*, H. Yu, Laminar-flow immediate-overlay hepatocyte sandwich perfusion system for drug hepatotoxicity testing, Biomaterials, accepted for publication July 2009.

2. D. H. Frakes, K. Pekkan, L. P. Dasi, H. D. Kitajima, D. de Zelicourt, H. L. Leo, J. Carberry, K. Sundareswaran, H. Simon, A. P. Yoganathan*,  Modified Control Grid Interpolation for the Reconstruction of Fluid Flows. Expt. in Fluid, accepted for eprint, 11 May 2008

3. S. F. Zhang, X. Lei, S. M. Ong, Y. C. Toh, H. L. Leo*, D. Van Noort and Hanry Yu*, Microfabricated silicon nitride membranes for hepatocyte sandwich culture, Biomaterials, 2008 Oct;29 (29):3993-4002.

4. Yanan Du, R. B. Han, F. Wen, Susanne S. S. Ng, H. L. Leo*, T Wohland and Hanry Yu*, 3D Hepatocyte Monolayer Culture in a Novel Synthetic Sandwich Configuration, Biomaterials, 2008 (29): 290-301.

5. H. L. Leo, H. A. Simon, L. P. Dasi, A. P. Yoganathan*, Effect of Hinge Gap Width on the Micro-Flow Structures in 27 mm Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valves, J of Heart Valve Diseases, 2006 Nov 15 (6): 800-808.

6. H. L. Leo, L. P. Dasi, J. Carberry, A. P. Yoganathan*, Hemodynamic Assessment of Three Polymeric Heart Valves using Three-Dimensional Particle Image Velocimetry, Annal of Biomedical Engineering, 2006 Jun, 34 (6): 936-952.

7. L. Ge, H. L. Leo, F. Sotiropoulos and A. P. Yoganathan*, Flow in a Mechanical Bileaflet Heart Valve at Laminar and Near-Peak Systole Flow Rates: CFD Simulations And Experiments, J Biomech Engineering, 2005 Oct; 127(5): 782-97.


8. H. L. Leo*, H. Simon, J. Carberry, S. C. Lee and A. P. Yoganathan*, A Comparison of Flow Field Structures of Two Tri-Leaflet Polymeric Heart Valves, Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2005 (33): 429-443. 


9. H. L. Leo, Z. He, J. T. Ellis and A. P. Yoganathan*, Microflow Fields in the Hinge Region of the CarboMedics Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve Design, Journal of J Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, 2003 (124): 561-574.