LIM Chwee Teck




BEng (First Class Hon), NUS
PhD, University of Cambridge, UK


Appointment Status


Provost's Chair Professor
Deputy Head (Administration & External Relations)
Group Head, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials
Principal Investigator, Mechanobiology Institute
Fellow, University Scholars Programme
Faculty Fellow, Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research & Technology



Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Mechanical Engineering


Curriculum Vitae


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Tel: +(65) 6516-7801
Fax: +(65) 6776 5322



Research Interests

  1. Human disease biomechanics & mechanobiology
  2. Microfluidic technologies for disease detection, diagnosis and therapy
  3. 2D materials for biomedical applications


  1. BN2101 Principles of Bioengineering
  2. BN5202 Body, Tissue, Cell Mechanics

Technopreneurship & Startups

  1. Co-founder & Advisor, Clearbridge BioMedics
  2. Co-founder and Affiliated Partner, Clearbridge Accelerator
  3. Co-founder, Clearbridge mFluidics
  4. Co-founder, Clearbridge NanoMedics

Selected Awards & Honours (out of over 50)

  1. Asian Scientist Top 100 List 2016
  2. Elected Fellow, American Institute for Medical & Biological Engineering
  3. Elected Fellow, Academy of Engineering, Singapore
  4. Vladimir K. Zworykin Award, International Federation for Medical and Biological
    Engineering 2015 
  5. Provost's Chair Professorship, 2014 – present
  6. Outstanding Researcher Award, NUS University Awards 2014
  7. Outstanding Innovator Award, NUS Innovation & Enterprise Awards 2014
  8. TIE50 Award, TIEcon 2014
  9. Credit Suisse Technopreneur of the Year Award 2012
  10. Wall Street Journal Asian Innovation Audience Choice Awards 2012
  11. Gold, Wall Street Journal Asian Innovation Awards 2012
  12. TechVenture Most Disruptive Technology Award 2012
  13. First Prize, Asian Entrepreneurship Award 2012
  14. InnovFest Promising Start-Up Award 2012
  15. HFSP Collaborative Research Grant Award 2012
  16. NGS Excellent Mentoring Award 2011/2012.
  17. Rising Star Innovator Award, TechVenture 2011
  18. President's Technology Award 2011
  19. Faculty Research Award 2011
  20. Elected Council Member, World Council of Biomechanics 2010 - present
  21. Most Cited Article, Acta Biomaterialia, 2006 - 2010
  22. IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award 2010
  23. NRF Technology Incubation Scheme Award 2009
  24. Most Cited Author 2005-2008, Acta Biomaterialia
  25. Best Poster Award, 3rd MRS-S Conference on Advanced Materials 2008
  26. Best Basic Science Paper Award, Annual Congress of the Hong Kong Orthopaedic Association 2007
  27. Cited in MIT Technology Review: 10 Emerging Technologies and their impact, 2006
  28. MRS Outstanding Paper Award, MRS Fall Meeting 2004
  29. Excellent Paper Award, 2nd World Congress of Chinese Biomedical Engineers 2004

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Membership in Scientific/Professional Organization


Editorial Board Member, Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering
Editorial Board Member, Microsystems & Nanoengineering (Nature Publishing Group)
Editorial Board Member, Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology
Editorial Board Member, Extreme Mechanics Letters
Associate Editor, Cellular & Molecular Bioengineering
Associate Editor, Molecular & Cellular Biomechanics
Editorial Advisory Board Member, Biomicrofluidics
Editorial Board Member, BioNanoScience
Associate Editor, International Journal of Nanoscience
Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Biomaterials
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Biorheology
Editorial Board Member, Journal of Nanobiotechnology
Editorial Board Member, Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing
Editorial Board Member, Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Letters
International Advisory Board, Experimental Mechanics
Executive Member, Biomedical Engineering Society, Singapore
Executive Committee Member, Global Enterprise on Micro Mechanics & Molecular Medicine (GEM4)
Member, Institute of Engineers, Singapore
Life Member, World Association for Chinese Biomedical Engineers

Selected Journal Publications

  1. Warkiani, M E, B L Khoo, L Wu, A Tay, A A S Bhagat, J Han, C T Lim, Ultra-fast, label-free isolation of circulating tumor cells from blood using spiral microfluidics, Nature Protocols, 14, 1, 128-37, 2016.

  2. Wang, J, C-J Zhang, W N Chia, C C Y Loh, Z Li, Y M Lee, Y He, L-X Yuan, T K Lim, M Liu, C X Liew, Y Q Lee, J Zhang, N Lu, C T Lim, Z-C Hua, B Liu, H-M Shen, K S W Tan, Q S Lin, Haem-activated promiscuous targeting of artemisinin in Plasmodium falciparum, Nature Communications, 6, 10111, 2015.

  3. Gupta, M, B R Sarangi, J Deschamps, Y Nematbakhsh, A Callan-Jones, F Margadant, R-M Mege, C T Lim, R Voituriez, B Ladoux, Adaptive rheology and ordering of cell cytoskeleton govern matrix rigidity sensing, Nature Communications, 6, 7525, 2015.

  4. Vedula, S R K, G Peyret, I Cheddadi, T Chen, A Brugués, H Hirata, H Lopez-Menendez, Y Toyama, L Almeida, X Trepat, C T Lim*, B Ladoux*, Mechanics of epithelial closure over non-adherent environments, Nature Communications, 6, 6111, 2015.

  5. Lee, W C, H Shi, Z Poon, L M Nyan, T Kaushik, G Shivashankar, J K Y Chan, C T Lim, J Han, K J Van Vliet, Multivariate biophysical markers predictive of mesenchymal stromal cell multi potency, PNAS, 111(42):E4409-18, 2014.

  6. Sun, W, C T Lim, N A Kurniawan, Mechanistic adaptability of cancer cells strongly affects anti-migratory drug efficacy, J Roy Soc Interface, 2014.

  7. Yao, M, W Qiu, R Liu, A Efremov, P Cong, R Seddiki, M Payre, C T Lim, B Ladoux, R M Mège, J Yan, Force-dependent conformational switch of a-catenin controls vinculin binding, Nature Communications, 5, 4525, 2014.

  8. Lim, C T, S B Hoon, Circulating tumor cells: Cancer's deadly couriers, Physics Today, 67, 2, 26-30, 2014.

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  10. Hou HW, Warkiani ME, Khoo BL, Li ZR, Soo RA, Tan DSW, Lim WT, Han JY, Bhagat AAS, Lim CT, Isolation and retrieval of circulating tumor cells using centrifugal forces, Scientific Reports, 3, 1259, 2013.

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  14. Wang, Y, C L Wong, K K Manga, P K Ang, J Lu, Y P Liu, C T Lim, K P Loh, Fluorinated Graphene for Promoting Neuro-Induction of Stem Cells, Advanced Materials, 31 (2012):4285-4290. (selected for frontispiece)

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