OCTAGON Research Group - Bringing AI to Ophthalmology


The OCTAGON Research Group was established in January 2017 by Dr. Alexandre H. Thiery (NUS Statistics) and Dr. Michael J.A. Girard (NUS Biomedical Engineering). It aims to make a significant impact in glaucoma diagnosis and prognosis using artificial intelligence (deep learning) and 3D medical imaging (optical coherence tomography or OCT).

Providing an accurate glaucoma diagnosis is a complex endeavor that is time consuming. It is subjective and heavily dependent on a clinician’s experience/expertise, often requiring multiple clinical tests. Such tests often need to be repeated at multiple patients’ visits to overcome their inherent subjectivity to confirm a diagnosis. Furthermore, in 2016, the World Glaucoma Association stated that: “as yet there is no widely-accepted method of combining the results of several tests [to provide an accurate diagnosis/prognosis]”. In fact, the use of multiple diagnostic tests has been found to increase the likelihood of false-positives yielding to over-treatment.

To simplify glaucoma management, our team is currently developing custom-written artificial intelligence algorithms that can be applied to 3D OCT images of the optic nerve head (ONH) - the main site of glaucoma damage. We aim to provide a glaucoma diagnosis/prognosis that is more accurate than that given by any other gold-standard glaucoma parameters (or their combinations).

Principal Investigators

Michaël J.A. Girard, PhD

Alexandre H. Thiery, PhD

Research Staffs

Khai Sing Chin, MSc

Sripad Devalla, PhD Candidate

Haris Cheong, PhD Candidate

Atin Ghosh, PhD Candidate


Bharath Krishnaswami

Prajwal Renukananda


The OCTAGON Research Group collaborates heavily with the Singapore Eye Research Institute, and with the University of French Polynesia. In addition, we have established collaborations with more than 15 glaucoma research group worldwide (in China, India, Korea, Phillipines, France, Denmark, USA, Russia, Australia, Dubai).

Note that we are continuously looking for more clinical collaborators to provide us with OCT scans of the ONH. If you are intersted in joining exciting research, please drop us a line!


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Press Release

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Interested in Joining our Group?

We are always looking for smart, dynamic, and highly motivated scientists to perfrom ground breaking research in AI and Ophthalmology. Please drop us a line in case positions are available. If you have an excellent CV with expertise in AI, we can also help you with your NGS PhD Scholarship application.

Please contact us at:

Dr Michael J.A. Girard, mgirard@nus.edu.sg
Dr Alexandre H. Thiery, a.h.thiery@nus.edu.sg