All the dedicated and wonderful members that make up our lab.
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Evelyn Yim

Principal Investigator

Evelyn Yim
Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical Engineering
Department of Surgery, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
Mechanobiology Institute, Singapore
NUS Graduate School for Integrative Sciences and Engineering (NGS)

National University of Singapore

Lab Members

Lab membersLeft to Right: Front row-Tuan, Bryan, Xiang Quan, Kenneth

Middle row-Marie, Seok Hong, Evelyn, Azita, Sharvari, Dawn

Back row- Marek, Kim Kiat, Rizwan, Sum Thai, Daniel

Current Members


TEO Kim Kiat, Ben

Kennth Tan


PhD Students

Azita Gorji

Marek Kukumberg

Seok Hong Goh

Rizwan Muhammad

Sharvari Sathe

Celine Stoecklin

WONG Sum Thai

XIA Shumin

Masters Students

Marie Cutiongco

Research Assistants

Dawn Neo

Marie Cutiongco

Daniel Wong

Undergraduate/UROP Students

Bryan Chua

CHAN Xiang Qian

LI Yier

Our Collaborators


The Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (IMRE) is committed to high-quality, extensive materials research and development to bring about the latest in innovation and technology. IMRE stands by the importance of materials research, which represents a vital platform for building Singapore’s competitive advantage in a knowledge-based economy. IMRE is a member of the Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR).

Duke BME

Consistently ranked as one of the top biomedical engineering programs in the nation, Duke BioMedical Engineering combines a hands-on educational experience and an interdisciplinary research environment that prepares graduates to be leaders in integrating engineering and biology to detect and treat human diseases.


Established in January 2008, the National University Health System (NUHS), a joint venture between NUS and the Ministry of Health Holdings, groups the National University Hospital and the National University of Singapore’s Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Faculty of Dentistry under a common governance structure to create synergies to advance its tripartite mission of excellence in clinical care, translational clinical research and education.


Created in 1964, INSERM is a public institution with a scientific and technical vocation under the dual auspices of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Research. It was created as a successor to the French National Institute of Health. INSERM consists of 339 research units, run by 6500 permanent staff members. Eighty percent of INSERM research units are embedded in research hospitals of French universities.

Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School

The Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School is medical school opened as a collaboration between Duke and National University of Singapore. It enrolled its first class during the Fall of 2007.

MBI logo

The Mechanobiology Institute, National University of Singapore provides an Open Platform to bring outstanding scientists and their projects to Singapore while providing high-quality training for students and scientists (local and foreign) in quantitative systems approaches to understand biomechanical functions.

Past Members

Andrew Khor Yu Keat

Brian Johnson Fung NGAN

Chang Pui Haan

Kristy Purnamawati

Sandip Mahapatra

Wong Cheng Lee

Vicki Wong Xin Ping

Wen Jie Lim

Martin Ng

Zheng Jie Ng

Li Xiang Liew

Eliza Fong Li Shan

Sang Joon Ahn

Soh Zeom Yow

YuKai Zeng

Ming Hao Tan

Leow Ming Yi

Thi Minh Hieu Nguyen(Hannah)

Lynn Lim Wen Xin

Sean Tan

Shawn Ho Wei Loong

Jerome Goh Zhi Wen

Sandy Lim

Ervi Sju

Chong HaoYap

Amanda Choo

Yang Kang

Chua Ming Xun, Bryan

Luo Yongqiang

Emmanuelle NGUYEN


Jin Jing

Ramgopal Yamini

Salma Jalal

Lab membersLeft to Right: Front row-Ying Zhen, Brian, Jia Yao, Mie, Sharvari, Marie, Seok Hong, Lesley, Grace

Middle row-Emma, Stephanie, Theresia, Pei Lin,Yongqiang, Mun Yee, Soneela, Dr. Yim

Back row- Marek, Sum Thai, Terrence, Chin Min, Jason