• The CT Lim Group
    MechanoBioEngineering Laboratory
  • IES Prestigious
    Award 2016
    In recognition of our project on
    Highly Flexible and Wearable Sensors for
    Real-Time Healthcare Monitoring Applications.
  • V. K. Zworykin
    Award 2015
    In recognition of Prof. Lim's outstanding research
    contributions in the field of medical and
    biological engineering.
  • 'Beautiful Science'
    Straits Times, 11 Dec 2015
    A 3D image of E. coli bacteria obtained using
    an atomic force microscope.
  • Culturing of CTCs
    Culturing of circulating tumor cells to predict anticancer treatment outcome
    B. L. Khoo et al., Oncotarget, 6, 17, 15578, 2015.
  • Cell Sensing of
    Matrix Rigidity
    Cells adapt their rheology depending on substrate rigidity
    M. Gupta et al., Nature Communications, 6, 7525, 2015.
  • Microfluidic Biochip
    for Cancer Diagnosis
    Introducing the microfluidic CTChip

The CT LIM Group

MechanoBioEngineering Laboratory

To explore, innovate and translate mechanobio-inspired micro & nanotechnologies for biomedical applications

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About the MechanoBioEngineering Laboratory

We seek to address important scientific and biomedical problems using interdisciplinary approaches, develop innovative solutions and translate them for biological and healthcare applications. Our focused areas include mechanobiology of human diseases and development of mechanobiologically inspired platforms in microfluidics, tunable nanomaterials and wearable microdevices to better detect, diagnose and treat diseases. We have won numerous research awards and honors and have also spun out several startup companies to translate technologies from our lab to bedside and market. We are affiliated with the Mechanobiology Institute, Centre for Advanced 2D Materials and SMART.

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