Dielectrophoretic (DEP) Cytometry

In this study, we will develop a novel DEP-based flow cytometry method using negative DEP force which negates the need for a laser source for measurement and detection, hence making it more compact and simpler than commercial flow cytometry devices. In this approach, negative DEP forces are exerted on blood cells from 3D electrodes located along the side walls of the channel. The migration of cells in the microfluidic channel is dependent on the resultant DEP and drag forces acting on them. These forces result in a sinusoidal, snaking, trajectory of the cells. We can obtain the dominant frequencies from the trajectories of each cell (diluted sample) or blood core (concentrated sample) by fast Fourier transform (FFT). The rheological and electrical properties of blood cells are known to change in certain disease conditions, which will result in unique trajectories which can be quantified in terms of frequency and amplitude. This allows for the diagnosis of these diseases from a blood sample.

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