µ-TE lab

Micro-scale tissue models for human diseases and toxicology

Principal Investigator

Toh Yi-Chin

Dr. Toh Yi-Chin is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Biomedical Engineering, National University of Singapore (NUS). She is also a staff member of the NUS Engineering Design and Innovation Centre. She received her B. Eng (2001) and PhD from NUS (2008) respectively and did her post-doctoral training at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was a research scientist at the Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology before joining NUS  Department of Biomedical Engineering in 2014.
Research Interests
Dr. Toh applies various frameworks in tissue engineering to a broad range of problems in regenerative medicine and disease modeling. She is currently working on the Organs-on-a-chip as animal-alternatives in drug testing and the application of microfluidics and bio-MEMs to impose spatio-temporal control over human embryonic stem cell fate specification during normal and pathogenic embryonic tissue patterning. Her recent works include “A scalable method for aligning 3D micro-tissues in microfluidic chips”, in Lab on a Chip (2013), “Scalable cell alignment on optical media substrates”, in Biomaterials (2013), “Mechanical compaction directly modulates the dynamics of bile canaliculi formation”, in Integrative Biology (2013).
Dr. Toh is actively involved in the Design Centric Program (DCP) and teaches Principles of Tissue Engineering (BN4301) in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.
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