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Micro-scale tissue models for human diseases and toxicology

Graduate Students

Clement Turpain

Clement Turpain joined NUS for a Masters in Biomedical Engineering as part of a double diploma agreement with « École polytechnique », the top one French « Grande École », from which he completed his « diplôme d’ingénieur » (equivalent to a Master’s degree) in Sept 2016. Trained as a multidisciplinary engineer, he chose to specialize in Biology, while still maintaining a strong interest for cross-related fields like bioinformatics, biophysics, microfluidics and statistical physics. During his Bachelor, he worked on PCR kit designs for the detection of bioterrorism-related organisms for the French military. For final year intership, he studied liver organoids formation through iPSC differentiation and coculture with endothelial cells and mesenchymal stem cells.
His interest for microfluidics began while working on a project with Elvesys SAS in his second year at « École polytechnique ». Therefore, he decided to join Dr Toh Yi Chin’s lab for his Masters’ research project to study the interaction of cancer spheroids and Natural Killer cells in co-culture in a microfluidic device.
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