µ-TE lab

Micro-scale tissue models for human diseases and toxicology


Our approach to create biologically-meaningful micro-tissue models is to interface tissue engineering with microtechnologies, such as microfluidics and microarrays. Tissue engineering enables the recapitulation of higher order tissue-level functions by controlling various physical and chemical cellular microenvironments, such as 3D architecture, extracellular matrix (ECM) and fluid-mediated mechanical forces. By miniaturizing tissue engineered cellular constructs into high throughput screening platforms, we expect to capture more complex multicellular phenotypes and interactions to bridge between simplistic single cell-based assays and animal studies. Currently, we are focusing on developing novel micro-tissue models for the following unmet needs in human healthcare:

  • Human developmental disease and toxicity
  • Predicting drug safety and efficacy in specific patient populations
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