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Srinivasan, A., Chang, S.Y., Zhang, S., Toh, W.S., Toh, Y.C.*, Substrate stiffness modulates the multipotency of neural crest derived human ectomesenchymal stem cells via CD44 mediated PDGFR signaling, 2018, Biomaterials


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Ong, L.J.Y., Chong, L.H., Jin, L., Singh, P.K., Lee, P.S., Yu, H., Ananthanarayanan, A., Leo, H.L., Toh, Y.C.*, A pump-free microfluidic 3D perfusion platform for the efficient differentiation of human hepatocyte-like cells, 2017, Bioengineering & Biotechnology

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#co-first author


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Featured in Global Medical Discovery (ISSN 1929-8536), Jan 2013


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(Invited article)

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Featured in RSC’s Chemical Biology, 2007, Issue 4

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