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25 May 2016

Position: Post-doctoral Fellow

Laboratory: Micro-Tissue Engineering Lab

Description: We are looking for passionate and self-motivated candidates to lead the development microfluidic droplet-based assays for single cell measurement of tissue-specific catalytic functions of human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) derived cells. The goal of this project is to build innovative technologies and assays that will shed insights into the functional heterogeneity of hPSC-derived cells in various differentiation schemes and how that impact their translation into drug testing applications.

About Micro-Tissue Engineering Lab: The research in µTE lab focuses on engineering physiologically-relevant micro-scale tissue models for human disease modeling and drug testing applications. We are dedicated to making in vitro cell-based assays more predictive of human pathological conditions and drug responses so as to reduce current reliance on animal testing to advance human health. Our approach is to interface tissue engineering with microtechnologies, such as microfluidics and microarrays to incorporate biological complexity into high throughput quantitative screening platforms.

Qualifications & requirements:

  • PhD in Bioengineering or Life Sciences
  • Experience in human primary or stem cell cultures
  • Competency in qPCR, flow cytometry, fluorescence / confocal microscopy
  • Experience in working with cell-based microfluidic or micro-bioreactors devices is desirable but not required
  • Good communication and writing skills

To apply, please send your CV to Dr. Toh Yi-Chin at biety@nus.edu.sg. Reference letters may be requested at a later stage. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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