Events - 2015

Department Meeting - Farewell Lunch, 9th Dec

The last department meeting with Dr. Evelyn Yim and Dr. Desmond Chong.

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NUS Young Investigator Award 2015

Congratulation to Asst Prof. Yap Choon Hwai for winning the award!

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Media coverage - Professor Lim Chwee Teck and team developed new techniques of capturing and growing tumor cells - with unprecendented success rate

"Being able to capture CTCs and grow them efficiently from a blood sample is a big step forward in liquid biopsy for tumour diagnosis and cancer treatment monitoring.

This could potentially mean that biopsy for cancer diagnosis and prognosis could be done using a blood test, which is minimally invasive, instead of having to remove cells from the tumour itself. Results of the blood tests could help doctors assess the best therapy options for a patient, and frequent blood tests can also be done during the course of an anti-cancer treatment to monitor a patient's progress during treatment."

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BME Chemical Spill training

The Department organized a chemical spill training for 14 staff and students who works with chemicals daily.

The training was split into two parts: the respirator mask-fitting for each individual and a presentation on dealing with spills at EA-02-14, and the hands-on practical at E3A-07 corridor.

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Dr Raye Yeow Chen Hua in MIT Technology Review’s ‘Innovators Under 35 Asia’ list

Dr Raye will be given tribute at the EmTech Asia Conference (January 2016). The honor is awarded to scientists under the age of 35 and have contributed to transforming the nature of technology in industries such as biomedicine, computing, communications, energy, materials, web, and transportation.

Honorees automatically qualify for the 2016 Global MIT TR35 List, a group of the world’s top young innovators. The editorial team of MIT Technology Review will review all finalists from around the world and the selected 35 innovators will be celebrated at the MIT Media Lab in the fall of 2016.

BN3101 Final Presentation: 2nd November 2015

This year, a new format was introduced for the final presentation:  5-min presentation, 4-min Q & A and 1-min changeover!

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Media coverage - NUS researchers develop prosthetic heart valve, safer alternative to open heart surgery

An NUS team led by Assoc Prof Leo Hwa Liang and Dr Jimmy Hon of Department of Surgery invented VeloX - a novel artificial heart valve 32mm in diameter and 30mm in height which can be delivered via a catheter straight to the left chamber of the heart while it is still beating.

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BME Safety Day 2015

This year marks the second time the department is organizing the annual Safety Day. As an ongoing effort to promote safety awareness in the department, speakers were invited to give talks and a safety poster design competition was also organized concurrently.

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Media coverage: Prof Lim Chwee Teck and his team's invention: a liquid-based, highly flexible and wearable tactile sensor 

Prof Lim Chwee Teck and his team gave a demonstration of their latest project - a lightweight and highly flexible tactile sensor - to the media. It is anticipated to complement the fields of soft robotics, wearable consumer electronics, smart medical prosthetic devices, as well as real-time healthcare monitoring.

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Winners at the 8th Asian-Pacific Conference on Biomechanics 2015 

Dr Raye Yeow and Dr Yap Choon Hwai were awarded the Yamaguchi Medals for ‘Gait and Kinesiology’ and ‘Cardiovascular BioFluid Mechanics’ respectively at the 8th Asian-Pacific Conference on Biomechanics 2015. The medals are awarded to promising young researchers in the field of Biomechanics.

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The final step: BME Commencement Tea 2015 

Million-dollar smiles everywhere, overwhelmed only by the number of selfies that night.
Heartfelt gratitude with a future so bright, truly their mentors' pride.
The night where their journey begins,
Welcome our new alumni - The Class of 2015!

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The first step: BME Freshmen Tea 2015

An annual event organized for Engineering freshmen on July 30th. Talks were prepared by Department staff and senior BME students to introduce the Department and also to ease their transition into NUS.

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The 5th International Conference on Bio-based Polymers (ICBP2015), organized by BME

The 3-day conference was held from 24th to 27th June at the Engineering Auditorium, NUS. Beside examining the milestone achievements in bio-based polymers, the event also delved into discussion of how bio-based polymers can contribute to global sustainability in the 21st century.

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Dr. James Kah is among young biomedical engineers selected for Asian Pacific Research Networking (APRN) Fellowship

The APRN Fellowship is a travelling fellowship organized by the IFMBE Asia-Pacific Working Group to identify and groom the future leaders of biomedical engineering. Dr. James Kah is one of four biomedical engineers selected to receive the honor.

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Prof James Goh elected president of international body for global interests in medical and biological engineering

Professor James Goh, Head of NUS Biomedical Engineering Department, was recently elected President of the International Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering (IFMBE) on 10 June during the IFMBE General Assembly held in conjunction with the 2015 World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering in Toronto, Canada.

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NUS bioengineering researcher is first in Asia to receive the Vladimir K Zworykin Award

IN recognition of his outstanding contributions to research in the field of medical and
biological engineering, Professor Lim Chwee Teck was conferred the Vladimir K Zworykin
Award. The NUS professor with the Department of Biomedical Engineering received the
Award on 7 June at the opening of the World Congress on Medical Physics and Biomedical
Engineering 2015 in Toronto, Canada. The conference was attended by 2,000 delegates
from all over the world.

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NUS Biomedical Engineering Summer School held on 8 to 11th June 2015

This year's annual BME Summer School saw 100 participants engaging themselves with lectures, lab practicals, demonstrations and a design project - all for them to experience the life of our BME undergraduates. The 3-day programme also allowed the students to stay overnight at Utown Temasek College Residence for the very first time.

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NUS researchers invent novel bio-inspired robotic sock that promotes blood circulation and prevents blood clots in legs.

Patients who are bedridden or unable to move their legs are often at risk of developing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), a potentially life-threatening condition caused by blood clots forming along the lower extremity veins of the legs. A team of NUS researcher - Assistant Professor Lim Jeong Hoon from the Department of Medicine, and Assistant Professor Raye Yeow Chen Hua and first-year PhD candidate Low Fanzhe from the Department of Biomedical Engineering - has invented a novel sock that can help prevent DVT and improve survival rates of patients.

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