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News Release

  1. Top50 Innovations exhibition at Science@50 campaign driven by A*STAR, 2015/09, "SESTO Hospital Bed Mover".
  2. NUS 110 Science & Tech Exhibition, 2015/09, "Knee Ankle Foot Robot for Stroke Rehabilitation".
  3. Video featured at the opening of the Fusionopolis 2 buildings – of which PM Lee is the GOH, 2015/09, "SESTO Bed".
  4. InnovFest Unbound Exhibition, 2015/04/18, "Omni Directional Vehicle".
  5. NUS News, 2014/12, "Robotic walker offers hope for stroke patients". link
  6. Lianhe Zaobao (National Chinese newspaper), 2014/11/25, "PM Lee tying Robotic walker in Smart Nation Initative Launch Ceremony".
  7. My Paper, 2014/11/25, "PM Lee tying Robotic walker in Smart Nation Initative Launch Ceremony". link
  8. Exhibition at National Infocom Awards (NIA) Ceremony - Marina Bay Sands and Smart Nation Imitative Launch Ceremony, 2014/11/24, "Robotic Walker".
  9. Tamil Murasu, 2014/11/22, "Robotic walker from NUS to help stroke patients move better".
  10. Lianhe Zaobao (National Chinese newspaper), 2014/11/22, "NUS spent 3 year to develop rehab robots to save manpower and money (translated)". link
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  15. The Strait Times, 2014/07/08, "Robot that can park hospital bed in tight spots wins $250000 grant". link
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