BES6SM Welcome Note

On behalf of Biomedical Engineering Society (BES), we are pleased to invite you to BES 6th Scientific Meeting (BES 6SM) held on the 19th of May in University Town (NUS).

Biomedical engineering is a fascinating multidisciplinary field gathering expertise in engineering, physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. Over the past 20 years, Singapore attracted numerous biomedical companies (Invitrogen, Applied biosystem, Baxter, GlaxoSmithKline, Lonza, and many more) which altogether invested more than half-billion dollars in Singapore annually. The government has also invested S$6 billion, between 2011 to 2015 (via A*Star), into the biomedical field. These tremendous investments indicate that biomedical engineering in Singapore holds immense potential and can provide groundbreaking scientific solutions to challenges met in disease diagnostics, monitoring and therapeutics. Biomedical engineering therefore promises to be a fertile ground of job opportunities for future graduates of Singapore.

With BES 6SM, we hope to increase the awareness of biomedical engineering to Singaporean students. Singaporean students from Junior college, Polytechnic, Undegraduate and Graduate schools will present their own research work through posters and technical presentations. Technical presentations will be divided into four topics:  biotechnology, regenerative medicine, bioimaging and biomechanics. In addition, professionals from private companies and public institutes will also present their current work.

Students and professionals are invited to submit their candidature to get a chance to present during BES 6SM. Distinction and merit certificates will be awarded along with cash prizes for the best presentations. BES 6SM also provides you the unique opportunity to enrich your knowledge in biomedical engineering. In addition, you will be able to interact with students, academic staff and industry professionals during networking sessions.

Wishing you a pleasant and rewarding experience with us on the 19th of May in NUS.

From left to right:
Mattnew Pan
             – Vice Chair (Finance)
Ali Hasnain               – Vice Chair (publicity)
Julien Maury            – Chairperson
Gao Yang                  – Vice Chair (Logistics)